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Top 5 Bites Within Walking Distance Of Campus

1. One World Cafe

One World Cafe is located at the corner of Main & University, where it has been a student and community hang-out spot for years. One World is a great place for brunch with your parents, lunch with a friend, or a dinner date with your significant other. That’s what makes One World number one on our list!

2. Dac’s Smokehouse

In the mood for some BBQ? Just a short walk from campus, Dac’s has a large menu including many barbecue favorites. In the mood for something a little different? Try their barbecue egg rolls.

3. Fieldhouse Bar and Grill

Burgers + Wings + Game Day = a BIG win. The Fieldhouse Bar and Grill is the best place near campus to watch any sports game. They also offer Bradley student deals because they love Bradley students, and we LOVE them!

4. Pho on Main 2

Where do you go to get Pho? Pho on main 2 of course. Located in campus town, they offer Vietnamese cuisine specializing in pho and grilled meats.

5. Avantis

Avantis has been a Peoria staple since 1966. It has been a favorite of many Braves over the years. It does not get any better than the famous Gondola.

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