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Best Places to Get a Cup of Coffee in Peoria

When you need a study break or a pick me up from studying all night, Peoria has some great spots to go grab a cup of coffee.

Zion Coffee

Zion coffee is just a few minutes from campus in the warehouse district of downtown Peoria. This coffee bar offers so much more than coffee, their menu boasts pastier, a toast bar, and artisan drinks. Did we mention it is owned and operated by a former Brave?

CXT Roasting Company

CxT Roasting Company, which stands for Coffee by Tristan, has three locations in Peoria. Not only is their Keller Station location a great place to get a cup of coffee, it is also a great place to meet with friends or sit down and study.

Thirty-Thirty Coffee

Thirty-Thirty is just a short distance from campus in Peoria. There is not a better place to get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Thirty Thirty strives to provide a unique and inclusive atmosphere to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Leaves and Beans

As one of the first local coffee roasters, Leaves and Beans offers a full café. Located in Peoria Heights this café is the perfect spot to sit a relax on the weekends.

The Spot

Located in north Peoria, this spot is a little further from campus. It is still a great place to meet up with friends to study or just have a cup of coffee.

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