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Getting Involved at Bradley – A Guide To Organizations And Internships

Something I have prided myself on since highschool is my heavy involvement within my communities and organizations. I not only like to be busy but I am much more productive when my free time is at a minimum. But besides just my type-A personality, I get involved because that is how to grow both personally and professionally. 

Personal growth is the most important value that I hold. I believe that a true leader is someone who is always searching for ways to better themselves or the organization they lead. Just because no one can ever be perfect, doesn’t mean we can’t still strive towards our most ideal self. When you achieve personal growth you are living your life to the fullest. At Bradley, when you achieve personal growth, you are getting the most out of your college experience. The best way to achieve this is to join organizations, get internships, and dedicate your time to developing yourself. 

Now if you would have told me during my senior year of high school that I would be a part of two organizations, a member of a sorority, have a job on campus, be on a national conference committee, and have an internship on top of it all, I would probably have cried from just the thought of my future stress. However, Bradley makes it possible for me to do all of these things and support me through them. At Bradley, everyone wants you to succeed. Classes, jobs, and organizations are structured so that you can grow in as many ways as you can. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I look at my schedule and see that I am busy from 9 am – 9 pm. Being involved is a commitment. However, I am gaining so much more than I could ever give to my involvement. 

Aside from just the support I receive, Bradley has also provided me with every opportunity I have had to get involved. I never would have found my internship if one of my professors hadn’t encouraged me to apply. I never would have joined a national conference committee if I hadn’t been able to attend the conference through the Activities Council. Getting involved at Bradley is as simple as showing up to classes and meetings with a desire to grow. 

College is a time to develop your career skills but also a time to develop yourself as an adult, a community member, and a leader. Your time is your biggest asset and by investing it in different passions you have, you create learning opportunities for yourself. It is always okay to let yourself relax, watch a movie and eat some Cheez-Its (as I am doing right now). But once you’ve had a chance to relax, you need to get right back out there and push yourself to grow towards your ideals. 


My name is Abby Peterson and I am a junior at Bradley! I am a Marketing major with a minor in Data Science (Computer Science) and I am from Naperville, IL. I am an event coordinator for ACBU and am a student admissions representative. I am also involved in greek life, the American Marketing Association, and the Honors Program, which has allowed me to take some really cool Seminar classes (Last semester I took one on dream interpretation!). During my freshman and sophomore year, I actually lived on the Honors floor in Williams.

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