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Once you’re #BradleyBound, your journey on the Hilltop has just begun. From top-ranked academics to an amazing variety of student organizations, discover more of what Bradley has to offer from current students.

“Bradley has given me everything I could ask for and so much more. At Bradley, I get a great academic education, while being involved with the activities I love. I have developed my professional side, by gaining an internship at Milwaukee Tool from the Bradley Career Fair to a leadership position as Vice President in Society of Women Engineers. Not only that, but I get to continue my hobbies. I play 3rd Trumpet in the Basketball Band and got to cheer on Bradley when they made it to the NCAA March Madness Tournament in 2019. I also play on the Bradley Women’s club soccer team, continuing to play the sport I loved in high school. Bradley has so much to offer and all you need to do is get involved.” 

Gillian A., Junior Mechanical Engineering Major

“Before I started college, I knew getting involved on campus was something I really wanted to do. I was only a part of Track and Cross Country in high school, so being able to join other clubs and organizations was something that was very important to me, and it has been super easy to get involved at Bradley. I’m a peer educator with our Wellness Office, I have planned campus-wide events as part of our activities board, I helped run freshmen Orientation as a Student Aide, I’ve experienced a wonderful community with the Catholic Braves, and so many other amazing opportunities. Getting involved on Bradley’s campus has filled my college experience with amazing friends and memories that have impacted me like none other.” 

Matt G., Senior Math Major

“In my opinion, the biggest thing Bradley has to offer is family and community. The professors and students at Bradley rally around each other and support each other in a way I never expected. Bradley has given me so much more than a strong education, and I am so thankful for that.” 

Allison K., Junior Public Relations Major

“Bradley had so much to offer my favorite thing that I have been involved with is the Bradley Student Nursing Association! We have meetings once a month doing super fun things like yoga, meeting with the Peoria coroner, student panels, and self-defense classes. This has given me the opportunity to get to know other nursing students and the nursing faculty. Through this organization I have been able to feel very connected to the rest of my nursing class, find a study group, and get tips from the older nursing students about other classes.” 

Elizabeth K., Junior Nursing Major

“Bradley offers real-world experiences. Throughout my time here I have felt that every skill I’m learning in my classes will be fully applicable in the workforce when I graduate. From learning wireframing in my UX classes to typography basics in my graphic design classes, I know that every skill I hone will make me a better employee in the future.” 

Erika H., Senior UX Design Major

“Bradley has 240+ student organizations to offer! One of which is the BU Clean Up Crew. Picking up litter around Peoria is my favorite way to give back to our community!”

Aaron R., Senior Nursing Major

“Bradley has offered me a community that I can always rely on. Without Bradley, I wouldn’t have been able to receive hands-on experience at internships which allowed me to practice networking with other companies, schools, etc. Bradley has given me so much confidence as I get ready for post-graduation.”

Katie M., Senior Public Relations Major

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