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Some Classes May Be Difficult But Don’t Stress


So, if you are a science major you know that organic chemistry and microbiology are notorious for being difficult. I remember talking to my friends that were in college before me saying how difficult those classes are and how much they struggled. I feared taking these classes simply because I want to do well. But upon arriving the first day at those classes and now even looking back, it seems silly to have once feared these classes. I did well, and with the help of our professors, I succeeded in the course while still maintaining a regular amount of sleep and a normal amount of stress.

I took general chemistry and organic chemistry with Professor Champion. There is no other professor I would sing higher praises for. All professors are required to have office hours and every professor I have had has always offered additional time if those hours don’t work with our schedules. She held review sessions each week with worksheets of what was done that week, she had teaching assistants there too to help all of us if we had any questions. Any help we needed, any questions we had, any concerns, our voice was always heard and she made time for us. Professor Champion and I actually took a selfie at the end of the year! She is definitely my favorite professor that I have had so far. 

For microbiology, I had Professor Flemming. He is incredibly smart. Unfortunately, he talks rather fast but you get used to it. He does offer research availability if you would like to. Unfortunately, I have never taken him up on the offer but I do think the idea would be a great way to get involved and a wonderful opportunity. He is clear about the information that is important and has a lot of interesting comments as well that relate to the information. I studied with my friends that were in the same class and utilized the whiteboards like nothing else. So many dried markers!

Overall, these two classes may still be difficult but with our awesome professors and some good study habits and study buddies, It’s really not something that should cause you too much stress. At the end of the day, remember a class is just a class, you give it the power to tag emotions with it. Don’t stress, use your resources on campus, get a tutor, study with friends, and use every opportunity with the professors.

You guys got this, Carolyn 🙂


My name’s Carolyn Wendel, I’m a sophomore nursing major with a sociology minor at Bradley. I’m from Belleville, IL but went to school all 12 years in Freeburg, IL. I am a member of BNSA, which is Bradley’s Nursing Student Association and Greek life. Currently I am also a member of a club called 8:58. It’s called 8:58 because that’s the time we meet at, it’s a non-denominational bible study held on campus.

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