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The Pre-Med Experience At Bradley

Hi! My name is Julia, and I am a senior chemistry major with a pre-med concentration. As a pre-med student at Bradley University, you have the option to choose from multiple different majors in the science fields, including biology, chemistry, or biomedical sciences. Each major when paired with a concentration in pre-med includes classes that go beyond your basic biology and chemistry like human anatomy, neurophysiology, dissection labs, and so many more! 

One of the many resources as a Pre-Med student is Bradley’s Health Professions Advising Center. Our advisor, Dr. Val Bennett, hosts many informational workshops throughout the year about medical school, application cycles, interview tips, etc. In addition, she is available for one on one appointments to guide students through each step of their undergraduate career on the path to medical school.  We also have multiple different pre-med and pre-health professional clubs that host hands-on workshops like suture clinics and bring in medical professionals to expose students to different specialties within the medical profession. These clubs also offer opportunities to get involved with physician shadowing, volunteer programs, and jobs to gain medical experience.

Additionally, pre-med students are encouraged to get involved in undergraduate research. At Bradley, there is a lot of flexibility in exploring and getting involved in different research projects offered throughout our biology and chemistry departments while working alongside other students on their team and under the guidance of a Bradley professor. Research helps students apply the knowledge they’re learning in their classroom to a more independent style lab work. 

Overall, the pre-med track at Bradley allows students to dive deeper into the world of science while providing experiences that will best set students up for success as they prepare for a future in medical school.

Julia L.

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