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Entering My Junior Year As An Accounting Finance Major

Let me let you in on something: a red pantsuit looks darn good on just about everyone, but it looks even better on a Bradley student strutting around the Foster College of Business. Not like I know from personal experience or anything. Okay, I admit it! I did cop myself one as soon as I got my admit letter. But I couldn’t help it, it’s a fashion statement and school colors all in one and I absolutely recommend you get your hands on one too! If it’s not obvious by my gravitation to head-turning looks, I love attention and I am not ashamed. Actually, that’s a large reason why I chose Bradley University’s Foster College of Business. 

From the moment I met with an accounting faculty member during an informational day, I already felt as if I were their student. They cared about what I was doing with my life at the moment, my future aspirations, and were wholeheartedly giving me advice on how to go after my ambitions. I was sold, and to this day I’m a firm believer that choosing to major in both Accounting and Finance at Bradley is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Fast forward to me entering my junior year of studies at Foster College, and whoa does time fly, but three years later I have an impressive resume, a great network, and even more pantsuits for internships my professors helped me land! Now that’s a packaged deal! 

Overall, college is known to be some of the best years of your life, but that includes some of the hardest too. Moving away from home to an entirely new place is nowhere near-seamless, but having a solid support system makes it so much easier. I am fortunate to say I found that at the FCB: I have teachers who have supported me during personal circumstances, have stayed late with me during office hours until I understood the lesson, and written me amazing recommendation letters. I’m confident that as my fourth year nears and soon ends, the family I have created here will still be rooting for me.

Tasneem N.

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