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AEP Helped Me Find My Passion

As a senior in high school, I was worried about picking a specific major to apply to universities with. Due to my interests in various fields and application deadlines approaching, I did not have enough time or experiences in high school to pick a major that I knew I would be passionate about for the rest of my life. 

When visiting Bradley University and learning about the resources that would be available to me, the Academic Exploration Program welcomed students like me who were undecided with their major while offering a variety of opportunities to get involved with, hands-on experiences, and connections to faculty members. When comparing the Academic Exploration Program to other universities’ “undecided” programs, Bradley went above and beyond to offer an encouraging number of resources to help me pinpoint and eventually declare a specific major. 

I was able to enroll in introductory classes for specific majors to get a taste of what those majors would entail, and because of this opportunity, I now know that I want to go into business! Rather than forcing me to figure out this big decision by myself, my AEP advisor went the extra mile to get to know me and my interests and connected me with opportunities that gave me experiences in various fields. 

Makayla H.

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