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Kinesiology And Health Science Has Set Me Up For Success

The Kinesiology and Health Science Department at Bradley has truly set me up for success during my time here. From day one at college, I was introduced to my faculty advisor and Dr. Bennett, who works in the Health Professions Advising Center. We charted my path for the next 4 years, made long-term and short-term goals, and set future check-ins just to make sure I was on task. Fortunately, I met with them quite frequently as my plans for my professional career switched from Physician Assistant to Physical Therapy. The beautiful thing about this major is that it is the fundamental basis for a majority of prerequisites for graduate school in whatever field you may be interested in, be it Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Dentistry, and even Medical School, among others. Dr. Bennett works with you to fulfill these necessities to get into graduate school, as well as mentors you for reaching observation hours, learning how to interview, reviews your applications, and prepares you for standardized tests such as the NCLEX, GRE, and the MCAT.

Not only does this major prepare you for the future, but it also challenges you in the present. The professors in this program, and those built into your 4-year plan, are arguably the best people you will encounter. They understand our future goals and strive to readily prepare us for what the world has to offer, all while exuding genuine care for us as students, and people in general. They are one of the main reasons I was so easily able to call this place my home away from home, and why I love Bradley so much.

One last thing that may seal the deal for those interested in Physical Therapy specifically, would be that Bradley has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. Not only is it a nationally ranked program, but us Kinesiology and Health Science undergraduates also have the opportunity to claim Early Assurance into the doctorate program. This means that if you take all of your science/math courses at Bradley, maintain a 3.4 GPA by the end of sophomore year, and a 3.5 GPA at the end of junior year, you have assured a seat in the Physical Therapy program. Not only is your spot reserved, but the GRE standardized test is not required for admittance. It is not easy, and it requires commitment and hard work, but take it from me- it is achievable! I will be in the DPT program beginning in June because I was able to retain my Early Assurance!

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