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My Incredible Experience With The Caterpillar College of Engineering

There is no one way to start describing how incredible my experience has been with Bradley University’s Caterpillar College of Engineering. When I came in as a first-year student to Bradley, I was surprised by the close connections between professors and students. As my first-year year progressed, I was able to develop a professional relationship with several of my professors; in fact, I was able to land a biomedical research opportunity with a professor by the end of my first semester. I cannot begin to explain how much knowledge and experience I’ve gained from that opportunity. I was able to work closely with engineering professors and fellow Bradley mates in applying my theoretical knowledge to the research. Experiences like these have improved my understanding of course materials.

One of my absolute favorite things about the engineering department is the early hands-on experience from labs and other professional organizations. I became part of Bradley’s American Society of Mechanical Engineering organization and Motorsports Club my freshman year as well. I got the opportunity to be mentored by seniors in making carbon fiber panels and analyzing the shock absorber to help build Bradley’s Formula SAE car. I’m a senior now, and I’ve gained vast knowledge in my field since freshman year, and I cannot wait to get out to the real world and start applying my skills.

Bradley’s career center is an incredible resource to not only engineers but every major. I was able to acquire an internship as a sophomore, and the career center was going to place all of my questions regarding job applications and other processes. I was able to utilize several of the skills I gained from here. Bradley courses prepare its students for the real world from early on. Bradley’s priority in student learning is impeccable, and I’m glad to have chosen this university to pursue my degree.

Harini V.

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