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What I Looked For During My College Search

We asked current Bradley students to share what they looked for during their college search and if they had any advice to help you during yours. #BradleyBound

A Campus Where I Was Part Of A Community

“I am an incredibly indecisive person so when it came to what college I wanted to go to, I had a very hard time finalizing my decision. However, every time I thought about Bradley University, I kept thinking about how welcomed I felt when I came to campus. Throughout my campus tour, my tour guide said hi to almost everyone he saw and I knew I wanted that. I wanted to be on a campus where I was part of a community instead of just being a face in a crowd. I have been able to find my home at Bradley and have been so grateful for the community of supportive students and faculty here.”

– Abby P.

A Special Feeling

“During my college search, I wanted to get a special feeling at whatever university I was looking at making my new home. I am a big believer in that gut feeling so I made sure that whatever university website I’m checking out or even that I’m seeing in person had that vibe telling me that it would be the perfect place. I only ever really got that feeling in looking at Bradley. It really felt like home the first time I visited and I knew in my heart that even being 2,000 miles from my hometown, I could still make a life here that really could be an amazing new start.”

– Erika H.

I Knew I Belonged Here

“I was between my top two universities, so I decided to spend one of the long weekends we got off from school to see them both. I saw one the first day, stayed overnight in Peoria, and then saw Bradley. After the visit to the other college, I thought it was the place for me. They had a great nursing department, was small and private, and the right distance from home. It checked all my boxes, but then I went to Bradley. 

Upon just walking into the senior admitted day, I was overwhelmed. Bradley seemed to pull out all the stops AND they had an ice cream and candy bar. We were split with students and parents and got to actually get involved with people more than just a formality. It seemed like the staff and current students actually saw me as a person, not a tuition check. Then I saw the nursing department. I was in awe, complete and utter astonishment, and just downright giddy. I could picture myself in the skills lab, talking to the professors, sitting in my scrubs, charting, and making friends with my peers. Add in the academic coach, the vast amount of clinical sites we go to, and getting a few personal emails from professors if I have any questions. I knew I belonged here. 

On the car ride home, I had put down my housing deposit, committed to Bradley, and even chose my roommate as a girl I met at the senior admitted day (we are still best friends to this day), and I have never looked back or regretted that decision. I have found my place and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

– Carolyn W.

Lifelong Friendships

“I honestly was really looking for somewhere that I was guaranteed to make friends. I know it might sound cheesy, but I had such a great group of friends in high school, so it was hard to leave them behind and move forward. I didn’t want to go somewhere and be friendless in college. When I came to Bradley on my visit, every student I had the chance to interact with was SO friendly, and it immediately made me feel like this was a place that I could make friends. Turns out, I was right, because I have made some of my lifelong friendships here at Bradley, and that is something I am going to be forever grateful for.”

– Ian F.

See Myself In The People I Met

“During the college search process, I looked for a place with “my people.” I wanted to feel at home and be able to see myself in the people I met on each campus. It was important to me that I could see myself in the people there so that I’d know I would not only get a great academic experience, but that I would be able to exercise leadership, join organizations that represented my values, participated in activities specific to my interests, and ultimately meet people that would be my greatest friends. All of which I found at Bradley, and I knew each time I visited that I could see myself calling campus home.”

– Emma P.

Experience Outside Of The Classroom

I was looking for a school that I felt would give me an opportunity to gain experience outside the classroom. I wanted to have access to work on engineering projects over the weekend while applying the concepts I learn in my courses. 

Looking back, I am glad I chose a school with successful sports teams. There is nothing better than taking a break from classes to cheer on the MVC champions at Carver Arena. 

Whenever I would visit a school, I would try to picture myself walking around and see if I feel comfortable. The students around you are a good example of the atmosphere you will be around. I noticed at some schools, the students seemed shy and not willing to talk while at others, I noticed they would do anything to help you, even as simple as holding a door. This atmosphere seemed very welcoming and the environment I wanted to be a part of. 

– Trevor C.

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