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Majoring In Electrical Engineering

Hi everyone, my name is Luke, and I’m a junior electrical engineering major from St. Louis, Missouri. The electrical engineering department here at Bradley is amazing! One of my favorite things about the department is how accessible the professors are. I can’t tell you how many times I went in to meet with a professor over the years to talk about a problem I was confused about or something I needed help with. What’s even better is they’re flexible around your schedule and are willing to make changes in what they’re doing to try to meet with you. 

Another cool thing in the EE department is all of the labs we get to do. This is awesome because it gives you real hands-on experience with some equipment you normally wouldn’t have access to. Finally, one of the best things about being an electrical engineering student is the amount of time you get to spend in the brand new building. Being able to have access to all of the new labs and new spaces to collaborate with friends all of the time on projects is one of the most beneficial things about being an EE. There are so many places to work that you’re rarely fighting for space and, even better, you’re right next to your professors’ offices if you have a last-minute question.

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