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How To Finalize Your Enrollment

Not sure how to finalize your enrollment? Follow along with these steps, and you’ll be #BradleyBound in no time!

Step 1: Pay your enrollment fee

This fee can be paid via your Bradley Bound account, through a check sent to our Admissions Office, or you can pay via phone by calling (309) 677-1000.

Step 2: Complete your housing contract

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This can also be done in your Bradley Bound account. Housing is assigned in order of deposits so make sure to do this step soon!

Step 3: File your Fafsa

Make sure to get the full financial aid you qualify for. The FAFSA will determine federal, state, and Bradley financial aid.

Step 4: Complete Health Form

Obtain proof of immunizations and other health records. Turn this form in at Orientation!

Step 5: Attend Orientation

Orientation information will be sent out to your email after your deposit fee is made. Check your inbox for information about registering for Orientation and what to expect.

Step 6: Join us on the Hilltop!

We are so excited for you to join us on the hilltop!

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