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5 Reasons You Should Apply to College in the First Application Period

There are real advantages to being in the first group of students to apply during a college’s first application period.

1. Multiple Choices

Unless you apply to one of the few schools with a binding “early decision” period, you can apply to multiple schools in the first application period.

2. Scholarships

Scholarships are not unlimited. When you apply earlier, you will find out about all the scholarship deadlines coming up. Some scholarship deadlines are early. Be at the front of the line.

3. You’re Interested

After a college reviews your application, they might want to learn more about you. Applying early shows your interest and allows the college to ask you for additional information if they need it. More likely, the college will already see your strengths and admit you without asking for anything extra.

4. The Housing You Want

Get preferred housing. The best residence halls and apartments fill up first. While most colleges guarantee housing, they don’t guarantee the most popular housing. First-come, first-serve is the norm.

5. More Time To Decide

Early admits have more time to decide. Hey, it’s a big decision. Don’t rush the final commitment. Get admitted to all your favorite options earlier and take your time to decide on the final one for later.

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