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A Glance at Bradley: COVID Edition

Being back on the hilltop and seeing all my friends is such a good feeling. Even with COVID restrictions, the environment on campus is so homey. Things have definitely been different. There are a lot more chairs on the quad, it’s hard to recognize people when they wave at me with their masks on and when I smile as I pass by people, I forget that all they see are my eyes staring at them. 

While things are different on campus, I am so grateful for the things that have stayed the same. My professors are still just as enthusiastic as they were for in-person classes. Sorority recruitment was just as successful as it was in past years. Most importantly though, student organizations are just as fun as always. Here on campus, I am a part of ACBU which is the Activities Council here at Bradley. Our goal for this semester is to continue to provide engaging, educational, and enjoyable events for all Bradley students. COVID restrictions or virtual events have only enhanced our creativity. 

Already this semester we have had 6 amazing events! My favorite event of the year has been Live! on Main, which is a big comedy show that we put on every year. This year we were able to bring Tiffany Haddish virtually! Tiffany has been in so many hilarious movies and even though I’m not a diehard fan of her, I was very excited for her to come. She led a trivia night for us and told jokes and stories throughout. I was genuinely laughing out loud the whole time. In addition to this event, we have brought a hypnotist, a band, and put on several outdoor movies on the quad. These are all things that our students have enjoyed no matter the pandemic we are in. 

Even with COVID, this semester has been amazing. The Bradley community has some of the best people I know and being able to see them in person (with a mask on and 6ft apart) makes my day. Even though it sounds cliche and cheesy, the organizations here are why I am able to call Bradley a home. Being a part of ACBU gives me a purpose on campus and a way to connect with the student body. I am looking forward to continuing to be an active part of this campus for the rest of this semester and my college career.


My name is Abby Peterson and I am a junior at Bradley! I am a Marketing major with a minor in Data Science (Computer Science) and I am from Naperville, IL. I am an event coordinator for ACBU and am a student admissions representative. I am also involved in greek life, the American Marketing Association, and the Honors Program, which has allowed me to take some really cool Seminar classes (Last semester I took one on dream interpretation!). During my freshman and sophomore year, I actually lived on the Honors floor in Williams.

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