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Why I Chose Bradley

Wondering if Bradley is the right place for you? Hear why some current Braves decided to call the Hilltop home.


I am very indecisive so choosing what college I wanted to go to was super hard. I was between Bradley and ISU in the end. ISU was kind of the ‘easy’ option because my sister went there, a lot of my friends were going there and it is a state school. In the end, I knew I wanted to go to Bradley. I wanted to be a part of the Bradley community and not just be a face in the crowd. All the organizations on campus and the smaller class sizes at Bradley have given me an individualized college experience that I am so grateful for.


I chose Bradley mainly for the nursing program because it’s absolutely amazing. Logistically Bradley was the right size and right distance from home. The biggest assurance came from my first visit. Bradley felt like home, it felt like I could belong here and be comfortable. And I am! I’ve never once regretted my decision to become a Brave.


I am a Bradley legacy meaning my parents also went here. They both grew up in the Illinois area but I, however, am from Seattle. My house is 1664 miles from here. I was born and raised in Seattle, so when picking colleges, I had no clue what I wanted to do. I knew Bradley was for me when I visited, the second I got on campus it just felt right. My parents going here was a bonus because I get to hear their stories.


I chose Bradley for a ton of reasons. It’s the perfect size school, it has a great academic program, and Peoria is the best location for things to do and finding good job opportunities. But most of all, I loved the people here. Every time I visited campus everyone made me feel so welcomed. It truly felt like I was already at home. It’s the best place ever and I know my mom sheds a tear every time I call Bradley “home” instead of calling my actual home, “home”. Sorry, mom!


I chose Bradley for a multitude of reasons. For one, they were one of the only schools that offered my major but, in the end, it was the people that brought me home. Before I even applied I was constantly reaching out to my future admission counselor and major advisors. I thought for sure I would be a bother but they were so kind and personally attentive from the very start. Coming from so far away it was important for me to find a home and family, I can absolutely say I did at Bradley.


It took me about four physical visits to Bradley to decide that I wanted to be here. I knew I needed a place where I can not only become an educated designer but also have peaceful surroundings while doing so. Bradley is a mid-sized school that allows for you to have the surroundings needed to focus while also holding really cool events that can get me away from the anxiety that pursuing a degree can bring. Once I figured this out, I was able to connect with a longtime friend (now fraternity brother) of mine who also felt the same way. We came to campus early August and the rest is history.


When I was looking at colleges my senior year, I was incredibly nervous and I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, but I did know what I was looking for. I knew that I wanted to have a unique college experience at a place that felt like it could be a home to me. Coming from a smaller town, I wanted new experiences, dope people, and a place where I felt like I could succeed academically. When I visited campus, I absolutely loved it: the people were so friendly, the professors were extremely helpful and patient, and it seemed like people truly cared about me. The Bradley community has truly become a part of my family and is one of my biggest supporters. 


So my mom started taking me on college visits in 6th grade. I could barely spell college at the time. After about 12 college visits, Bradley was my last stop. As soon as I arrived, I felt this welcoming feeling and joy. Everyone I talked to was so friendly and I felt very comfortable. I never had this same feeling at any of the other 12 colleges. Everyone seemed to be so happy and helpful. I ended up coming to Bradley for I think 4 more visits. Every experience was the same as my first. I knew this is where I belonged. I was also very excited to see the new Business and Engineering Convergence Center.

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