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One Of The Reasons I Love Bradley University

One of the reasons I love Bradley University is for the people. The professors are some of the people you interact with the most at college. The chemistry faculty have supported me through the hardest times of my academic career. One person who really made an impact was my research advisor, Dr. Campbell. 

Dr. Campbell reached out to me during my freshman year about conducting research in his lab. Through his research lab, I have been able to work at Bradley for summer jobs and present research findings at national conventions. I have also had the privilege of being published in a national chemistry journal as an undergrad, which is a huge accomplishment. Dr. Campbell has taught me so much about being an ethical and well-informed scientist. 

Outside of the classroom, he is the faculty advisor for the Demo Crew. The Demo Crew goes out into the Peoria community and does fun and interactive chemistry demos. These demos are what got me interested in science as a kid! 

I am extremely thankful for all the lessons Dr. Campbell has taught me, in and outside of the classroom. Without impactful professors like this, my Bradley story would not be the same.

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